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About Horse Supplies

Horse supplies include a range of products necessary for riding and caring for horses.

Horse tack describes equipment that is worn by the horse, such as saddles, bridles, saddle pads, protective boots, and horse training equipment. There are a wide variety of equestrian sports, and each sport uses a different style of horse tack designed especially for that discipline's unique needs and demands. Major, well-known equestrian disciplines include English style riding, western style riding, racing, and driving, but within these categories are many sub-disciplines.

Horse grooming supplies are items used to groom horses, such as brushes, combs, and hoof picks. Grooming is an important process which helps keep horses clean and healthy. Horses should always be groomed before saddling to avoid irritation and saddle sores.

Other horse supplies include barn maintenance equipment, such as wheelbarrows, muck buckets, pitchforks, shovels, and feed and water buckets. Keeping your barn organized and clean is important for the safety and health of both you and your horses.

Most horse supplies can be found at local tack shops, but online tack sites may offer discount horse supplies. However, keep in mind that large items, such as saddles, horse blankets, or wheelbarrows, may be more economical to buy locally in order to avoid hefty shipping costs. A local tack shop may also allow you to try out a saddle for fit before buying.

Browse to learn more about and shop for horse tack (including saddles, bridles, and horse training equipment), grooming supplies, and barn maintenance equipment.

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