Horse Supplies

Bridles & Bits

Horse bridles and bits come in many different varieties. Choose a bridle appropriate to your riding style and a bit that is appropriate for your horse's temperament and training level.

Bitless bridles work through exerting pressure on the horse's nose, poll, and curb groove. If your horse has had a mouth injury or has dental issues, a bitless bridle may be a good choice.

Snaffle bridles apply pressure on the corners of the mouth, and unjointed snaffles also apply pressure on the horse's tongue. Rollers on the bit may be helpful for young horses who are easily distracted or for horses who tend to lean on the bit.

Double bridles have both a curb bit and a bradoon/Weymouth bit. Curb bits exert pressure on the poll and the bars of the mouth. Pressure on the poll encourages the horse to lower his/her head. Curb bits with long lower shanks (the metal bars extending from the corners of the mouth to the reins) are more severe than curb bits with short lower shanks. Western bridles usually have curb bits. The bradoon bit encourages the horse to raise his/her head slightly.

Pelham bits offer results similar to the true double bridle. A pelham bit is similar to a curb bit, but a second set of reins attaches near the corners of the horse's mouth, which mimics a snaffle bit.

Gag snaffles are another category of bits which utilize two sets of reins. The first set of reins attach to the bit to be used like a snaffle bit, and a second set of reins can be used to raise the bit in the horse's mouth, encouraging the horse to raise its head.

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