Horse Supplies

Grooming Supplies

Horse grooming supplies include brushes, hoof picks, horse clippers, and shampoos.

The main brushes used for grooming horses are curry combs and hard, medium, and soft bristle brushes. Curry combs are usually made of rubber or plastic and are used in a circular motion on muscular areas to lift dirt and dried skin to the surface. The currying action also acts as a massage, increases circulation, and helps to warm up the horse's muscles before riding. Curry combs should only be used on heavily muscled areas. Hard brushes or medium brushes are used to "flick" off surface debris and brush out caked up dirt on the legs. Soft brushes distribute natural oils, resulting in a shiny coat on a healthy horse or pony. Hard, medium, and soft brushes should be used starting high on the horse's neck and moving back and down on the horse's body, always following the direction of the horse's fur.

Hoof picks are used to clean out mud and manure from the horse's hooves, an important task for avoiding thrush and other infections. Some hoof picks include coarse brushes to brush away loosened debris.

Horse clippers are important for horseback riders who continue to exercise their horses throughout the winter and for show horses. Clipping for the winter allows a horse to cool off quicker after a workout, but the clipped horse should usually also be blanketed after cooling off. Clipping also helps keep a horse looking neat and tidy for the show ring.

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